Adult Wellness

Gentle Yoga
Slower paced ongoing class. Poses taught with more modifications for those with ongoing or mild chronic conditions and older students. A doctor's permission is requested.
Drop in fee $15 
Instructor: Rafael Duran
Yoga Express
Your lunch is your time away. Make the most of it with this express yoga class. Perfect for any fitness level to de-stress; blocks and blankets help form correct posture for total mind body asanas. The class may be express, but the benefits are long lasting.
Drop in fee $8
Instructor: Rafael Duran
Iyengar Yoga Level 1
Focusing on body mechanics, this form of yoga emphaizes proper alignment for maximum balance and flexibility. Using props such as cushions and blocks allow for deeper and more easily accessible asanas.
Instructor: Rafael Duran

Drop in fee $15
Iyengar Yoga Level 2
For continuing students who have participated in an Iyenger Level 1 yoga class two or more times or have previous yoga experience. 
Instructor: Rafael Druan
Drop in fee $15
Iyengar Yoga Level 3 
For those students who are able to do inversions with ease at the wall.
Instructor Rafael Duran
Drop in fee $15

Yoshokai Aikido 
Aikido is a non-competitive form of Japanese Budo, a way of study including both physical and mental training. Yoshokai Aikido movements are precise, yet dynamic and energetic. Its basis in the fighting arts of the Samurai is apparent in the powerful throws, pins and weapons (tanto, bokken, and jo) techinques. This class emphasizes moving in harmony with others to eventually strive to create haromy with nature.  
Instructor: Rafael Duran
Drop in fee $10

Intro to Ki Society




You're invited to have a new experience. Students will learn the fundamental skills of Ki-Aikido, a samurai-derived martial art, alongside the enlightening practice of guided meditation. Please wear pants and a shirt that are appropriate for mild exercise. 
Instructor: Patchen
Drop in fee $7

The Ki Society

You are invited to enjoy a unique, new experience. The five disciplines of the Ki Society will be introduced, including Ki Breathing, Ki-Meditation, Aikido, Kiatsu, and Bell Meditation. These practices can be life-long, and are fundamental to an awareness of our natural state of being. Please wear pants and a shirt that are suitable for mild exercise. 
Instructor: Vic Montgomery
Drop in fee $7
To register online click the class you are interested in. You can also register by calling 913.322.5550, or in person at the Irene B. French Community Center (5701 Merriam Drive). Cancelation Hotline: 913-322-5591.
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