Presenting...The Parkway Painters - June 7 - 30

Featuring Artists: Deloris Craig, Barbara Greene, Melissa Jones, Ann Kindred, Karen Kleider Harding, Ted Knapp, George Moeller, Connie Mowe, Carol Tinklepaugh, Rita Vinlove

The Parkway Painters Group would like to thank the Tim Murphy Gallery and the City of Merriam for giving us the opportunity to display our work. We appreciate your generosity!

Our group of artists have met together once a week for approximately 10 years with different ones coming and going as life dictates. Our purpose is to hone our artistic abilities, give and receive critiques, and mostly to have fun doing what we love as an avocation.  In the process, we have grown in respect and friendship for one another.

 We hope you enjoy our varied styles and perspectives on subjects we feel worthy of painting.