Art of the Lens - July 5 - 28

Featuring  Artists:


I am a landscape and equine photographer. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis; a Master of Arts in Historic Preservation from Cornell University and a Master of Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley.  I am a current participant of ARTSKC Now Showing, and I am a 2017 ArtsKC Inspiration Grant recipient for my project Wild Equine Running Free. My work has been exhibited at Kansas City area galleries and is part of the permanent collection at Truman Medical Center, Kansas City.

In 2012 I visited the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary for the first time. I met a Spanish Mustang named Don Juan.  I connected instantly with him and to the other rescued horses.  Their collective will to survive and the individual journeys they have taken to get to places of "safety" like the Sanctuary have become the main driver for my artwork. Wild American Equine are in peril, their habitat, bloodlines, and societal structures are threatened by overpopulation and public land management policies. My main body of photographic work focuses upon documenting wild American Equine and their struggle for survival. My work is a service to the community at large, sharing a story about how society has failed one of the last great American icons, the wild horse.


Samuel Fee’s photography emerges from his interests in archaeology and digital media, both fields in which he teaches and conducts research. While these fields might seem disparate—one very old and the other very new—they both illuminate how human beings have sought to act upon their environment. Fee’s photography traces these activities and records their effects on the natural world, particularly as reflected in landscapes and natural textures.

More recently, Fee’s work has moved to the realm of conservation photography. The goal of conservation photography focuses on telling stories with pictures regarding the relationships humans have with nature. His current work surrounds looking at the issue of the conservation of public lands within the desert of the southwest United States given the current political climate.

Fee is currently tenured at Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, PA near Pittsburgh. There he enjoys the blend of artistic production, technical development, and student interaction that such work provides. Dr. Fee’s artwork has been displayed through solo shows, group shows, and juried exhibitions throughout the United States and Canada. He also holds photo credits in various texts, magazines, and internet publications.


Diane Jarvi calls herself a “Tradigital” artist. Trained in traditional photography and printmaking techniques, and a long-time educator, she became skilled in digital imaging technology out of necessity. Her work is a hybrid of traditional and digital techniques. The photographs in this show were all made using silver-based black & white film that was processed in the darkroom and then scanned and printed digitally. The images are printed using a carbon-based pigment ink onto watercolor paper.

The photos in this show are from the woods in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the south shore of Lake Superior.

Diane has exhibited on the East Coast and in the Midwest. She has a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


Ramon’s pursuit of the visual arts began in high school using sketches and photography to achieve his interpretation of the fascinating qualities of various subject matters. Ramon attended the Columbus College of Fine Arts prior to joining Hallmark Cards, Inc. His professional career of 40 years included artistic, engineering, production and research/development project management responsibilities.

Now in retirement, he is fulfilling his long time desire for a career in fine art photography as a visual artist. His images have been exhibited in numerous galleries and juried events. His work has won many coveted awards. His original prints express his mind’s and “painter’s eye,” skillfully interpreted in a digital environment. Beyond his fine art photography, he provides workshops, mentoring/consulting, principal arts roles, juror and digital services, in the arts.

 Ramon was among the early members of Summit Art, and is currently a board of director member holding the position of Treasurer. He also belongs to Professional Photographers Association of KC, Wyandotte County Camera Club, Blue Springs Public Arts Commission currently as the Chair of a task force to define and implement a five-year strategic plan.


Craig McCord, originally from Jacksonville, Florida, concentrates on fine art landscape photography.  His interest in photography started in the early 1970’s after acquiring a used Petri 35mm camera and gaining access to a dark room while serving in the Air Force. Craig quickly developed an ever-increasing passion for photography as a means of creative expression. Over the years he has developed his artistic skills using 35mm, 645 and 6x7 medium format, and 4x5 large format media, before making his transition to digital capture in 2006.

Largely self-taught, McCord was influenced by black and white photography icons Ansel Adams and John Sexton.  One can see these influences come through in the richness of tones of Craig’s black and white works.  Other greats such as Elliot Porter and David Muench influenced and molded Craig’s artistic eye and approach to subject matter. Craig’s style evolved showing a fondness for wide angle perspectives.  He often incorporates strong foreground elements to add a measure of depth, drawing the viewer into the image.  While having a certain fondness for landscapes of the west and northwest, he believes the United States overall is blessed with some of the most diverse and beautiful landscape in the world. 

Currently, residing in Kingsville, Missouri, Craig focuses entirely on his fine art work and instructing other photographers in pursuit of their passion.  Selections of his work reside in commercial and private collections in several states and throughout Missouri.  The National Park Service selected Craig’s images of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways to highlight their celebration of the Park System’s centennial celebration in 2016. Craig currently hosts workshops in Missouri and Kansas, as well as several in the Northwest, including the Oregon coast and the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.



Sara has worked in education for over 10 years. She's been interested in photography all her life and has documented family reunions, cross-country road trips, and everyday adventures, both on film and digitally. Although Sara's work often features city streets and people, her passion is capturing the beauty of nature, landscapes, and wildlife. One of her goals is to visit and photograph every United States National Park.