For Release: Aug.24, 2012
Contact: Randy Carroll, Public Works Director - 913.322.5570
Hye Jin Lee, City Engineer - 913.322.5522

Farley Street converted to one-way traffic between 67th and 69th Streets in Merriam

MERRIAM, KANSAS (Aug. 24, 2012) – – On Monday, September 24, 2012, at approximately 8:00AM, the segment of Farley Street between 67th and 69th Streets in Merriam will be converted from its current two-way directional status to one-way operation in the southbound direction.

In response to residents' concerns about short-term changes in the condition of the street, an inspection was conducted by the Merriam Public Works Department and the City Engineer. It was discovered that parts of the northbound roadway surface had suddenly dropped up to 4 inches in places. Not long after this discovery, a water main break occurred in about the same section of roadway. This would indicate that the recent extreme drought has caused a sub-structural failure of Farley Street. In the interest of traffic safety, it was decided that this segment of the road will be designated as one-way beginning Monday, September 24th.

Message boards advising motorists of the upcoming changes have been placed along 67th and 69th Streets at Farley. Letters and street maps will be mailed to nearby residents informing them of the one-way traffic change and advising them to plan alternate routes.

A full reconstruction of Farley Street is included in the City’s 5-year Capital Improvement Program, with design scheduled for 2016 and construction beginning in 2017. Upon completion, Farley Street will become a standard two-way street with drainage and safety improvements.

Questions about this project may be directed to Randy Carroll at the Merriam Public Works Department at (913) 322-5570 or Merriam City Engineer Hye Jin Lee at (913) 322-5522.
Farley Street one-way conversion