Comprehensive Plan Update

January 18, 2019 – Response to questions and/or Addendum to RFP

Below are the city’s responses to questions received concerning the RFP.

  1. Are there any particular economic or market issues (generally, that were not part of the SMP market study, or any that have arisen since that plan) that impact land use in Merriam that you want addressed in the plan?

First market issue is how the changing concept of individual automobile ownership could impact Merriam. (Automobile sales one of the city’s largest sources of sales tax revenue.) Other economic issues are related to the city remaining a place where households want to live and how to retain the large number of jobs that are in Merriam.

  1. Are there specific groups, community organizations, planning commission, elected officials, or others that are championing the plan update and/or planning process?

No, but elected officials and planning commissioners recognize the need for, and support updating the city’s comprehensive plan.

  1. You mention the successful Shawnee Mission Parkway Corridor Plan. In brief, what about that process did community members find successful and would want to replicated? (Lengthy response is not necessary but a few bullet points would be great)
  • Extensive resident participation
  • Open process
  • Timely process. City and consultant met deadlines and promises
  • Range of land use ideas
  • Innovative recommendations
  • Detailed information and analysis

  1. What has frustrated the Planning Commission and Council most about the current plan?

Council, commission, and staff recognize that the plan is dated (20 years old) and there have been a number of locally, regionally, and global changes that have occurred which the current plan doesn’t even consider.

4a.What have they found most useful?

The plan was highly effective in guiding the redevelopment of the city.

  1. Beyond land use direction, are there any other priority questions, issues, or opportunities that staff, Planning Commission, or Council want addressed in this process? (transportation related issues, park and rec opportunities, etc.)

Staff feels that this could be an opportunity for the community to have a discussion on how the community is changing and how the city should position itself to be attractive to all types of households.

  1. Is the 30 page limit double or single sided?

Single sided.

  1. Does the City expect a comprehensive economic market analysis as a part of the existing conditions analysis for this Comprehensive Plan update process?

The city does expect the updated comprehensive plan to contain economic information about the city and a discussion on the city’s economic future. However, the city does not expect a “comprehensive” economic market analysis to the level that was done for the city’s Shawnee Mission Parkway Corridor Study.

  1. Does the City expect any detailed traffic analysis of key intersections as a part of this Comprehensive Plan update process?

No. However, the city does have a number of significant arterial streets and interstate that travel through the city. It is an anticipated that an important component of the comprehensive plan will be how to provide multi-modal transportation options to local and regional residents and how to keep traffic moving through the city.

  1. Do covers count towards the 30-page limit?


  1. In Proposal Requirements, 4.e (page 8) you request we provide “back-up” for our team members. Please clarify what you mean by that.

We are looking for firms to describe how they would handle a key individual from their firm who is working on the city’s project leaving or is otherwise unable to complete the project. Does the firm have “back-up” staff (or a plan) to complete the project?


The City of Merriam is seeking consulting services to prepare a comprehensive land use plan. Using the City’s existing plan as the beginning point, the new, updated plan will provide vision, goals, objectives, and policies to guide the City’s development and redevelopment for the next 20 years. The plan will guide City Council, various advisory boards, planning commission, staff, and residents on the appropriate growth and redevelopment for Merriam.

The updated plan will integrate all aspects of urban development including demographics, land use recommendations, public facilities, transportation, environmental, and trends. A critical component of the plan will be setting the vision for the City’s development and redevelopment. The vision component will need to analyze how technology is changing land use planning. A key component of the plan will be an analysis of the impact that disruptive technologies (ride sharing, short-term residential rentals, driverless vehicles, electric scooters, and bicycles, etc.) will have on land uses in Merriam.

The comprehensive planning process will be modeled after the successful Shawnee Mission Parkway Corridor Plan procedure. The planning process will be guided by a steering committee appointed by the Mayor. The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee will work directly with the consulting firm selected to undertake the comprehensive plan update.

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Bryan P. Dyer, AICP
Community Development Director