Layers of Creativity...Mixed Media Unleased

Tim Murphy Art Gallery
Irene B. French Community Center
5701 Merriam Dr. 
April 4 - 27
Featuring Jan Fellers Gloria Gale and Gayle Faulkner

Gayle Faulkner

Painting is the artists’ creative and insightful representation of the world. Constant exploration of new vistas and “playing” with media has allowed Gayle Faulkner to step through a wondrous door of creativity, possibilities and growth. “Every day there is something to observe, embrace and become a part of.” These experiences allow Gayle to interpret and include parts of everyday life in her work as well as to use her imagination and create other worlds. Gayle’s work can be described as vibrant, colorful, whimsical and full of energy.

For over 35 years, Gayle has had an established career as a watercolor, mixed media and mural artist.  Her work has been included in numerous exhibitions, gallery shows and juried art festivals.  She has also created book and magazine covers. Gayle’s work is in corporate and private collections around the world.

Currently, Gayle is exploring a new direction with multiple layers of acrylic and mixed media. These paintings are full of depth, patterns and whimsical interpretations.

Gloria Gale

Vibrant color with a slant towards Impressionism, Gloria Gale has always enjoyed painting in bold strokes.

Primarily working as a landscape painter, she recently introduced a mix of still life and   wildlife motifs into her repertoire.

Gloria is no stranger to teaching art. “I’ve been a teacher in public and private schools and enjoy teaching all ages – particularly plein air (painting outdoors) where the variety of subject matter is always available.”

With a BS in Art Education, numbers of exhibitions and three art in residencies, Gloria is delighted to show her work at the Tim Murphy Gallery.  

Jan Fellers

As a child, art and creating was what made Jan Fellers happy. This desire to create followed her through school. She has a double major, one in Commercial Art.

After two wonderful daughters were born, her husband and she were able to travel, with his business, and on pleasure trips with their daughters. The Fellers have been to 46 countries, and found the beauty of the world. Photography      captured Jan during these beautiful trips, and she sold her photography for a few years.

Painting these wonderful photographs seemed to be the next step in her journey as an artist. Having the gift of travel, Jan has utilized her time in painting places she has visited. A large number of her paintings include Europe, Asia, Africa,    Australia/New Zealand and the United States. She enjoys painting commissions for others who have also had special trips.

“I believe God gives us all talents, and goals. Mine is to study my way in the fine art world, capturing the beauty He has given us. One of my most fulfilled joys is to hear an observer of my art make a connection, engaging their emotions of joy,   excitement, wonder, questions, and a bit of their own sentimental memory. That’s the wonderful thing of being an artist, enjoying a conversation with a stranger   without saying a  single word!”