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Exterior Home Improvement Grant Application


    **Online applications will be entered at days end, in the order they are received, following all walk-in application submittals.**

    The City is investing $50,000 in its 2020 Exterior Improvement Grant Program. The program will provide a 20 percent reimbursement for exterior improvements upon completion. Homeowners need to have at least $2,500 in combined repairs/renovations. All Merriam residents, who don’t live in an apartment, may apply. You must submit at least $2,500 in estimated work bids. Once the City approves your project, work must begin within 120 days. Grant money will be available until all $50,000 is allocated. REIMBURSEMENT WILL NOT BE MADE FOR PROJECTS STARTED PRIOR TO CITY APPROVAL.

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    Before the application can be approved, applicants must submit proof of property insurance, contractor estimate, construction plan, and site plan. A simple sketch of the property will suffice for the site plan.

  5. By signing below, I understand the project must be completed within 120 days of the application approval date. If the projectis not finished within that time, reimbursement may not occur. Additionally, I understand that this is a City program and all application and project information may be subject to Kansas open records laws.I also understand that by participating in the Exterior Grant Program, I give my consent for City staff to enter my property to make inspections related to the program and that photos taken of my property can be used in City promotional materials including, but not limited to, City website, emails, newsletters, brochures, etc.Reimbursement amount will be based on submitted project receipts.

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